Analysis of the influence of power factor angle parameters on resonance in pure electric tractors

Guojun Yan, Nengjun Ben, Jianhua Gu


One of the major causes of damage to the transmission system is torsional vibration. It leads to the fatigue damage of the transmission parts, reducing their service life. In response to this problem, the torsional vibration model of the transmission system of the electromechanical coupling of the pure electric tractor is established, and the influence of internal power factor angle on the natural frequency of the transmission system under electromechanical coupling is analyzed. The results show that when the power train is designed, if the internal power factor angle is increased from 0 to π/2, the change of the electromagnetic parameters leads to the resonance of the transmission system and the increase of the unstable area. The power train may also have saddle components, fork, jump and other phenomena, resulting in fatigue damage to the transmission components.

Ключові слова

pure electric tractor; power transmission system; internal power factor angle; resonance frequency

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