Automatic PID parameter tuning based on unfalsified control

Yao Yueqin, Zhao Guoliang


Traditional robust control, or adaptive control, is based on accurate models. They can only control the systems with sufficiently small or constant uncertainty. To overcome the shortcoming, the paper proposes an unfalsified control based on data driving, which is a type of model-free adaptive control. The method is data-driven and thus does not rely on the system model. The designed controller is simple and highly adaptable to online application. In this paper, the basic theory of unfalsified control is introduced and applied to the real-time tuning and adaptation of the PID controller parameters. Simulation is also conducted when there is disturbance with the system. The result shows that the algorithm is actually fairly robust to noise and perturbation. The feasibility and effectiveness of this algorithm are also proved by the simulation results.

Ключові слова

unfalsified control; PID; data driving; model-free control

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