General concept of the autonomous hydrogen fueling station based on photovoltaic and metal-hydride technologies for fuel cell electric vehicles

Mykhaylo R. Tkach, Borys G. Tymoshevskyy, Yurii N. Halynkin, Arkadii Yu. Proskurin


The promotion of hydrogen energetics into the transport sector is currently a priority in the development of the world economy. One of the efficient direction for modern vehicles is the usage fuel cells and hydrogen for its powering. The obstacle along this way is the high cost of hydrogen and the difficulty of storing it on Vehicles' board. The article considers the possibility of the solar energy usage for efficient hydrogen production and metal-hydride technologies for its purification, compression and storage into the filling station and on a board.

Ключові слова

vehicle; photovoltaic battery; hydrogen; metal-hydride alloy and slurry; fuel cell; purification and compression

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