Design and modeling of a new type of the NX-based 6-roller sugarcane juicer

Wang Chao


Aiming at the shortcomings of 2 and 3-roller sugarcane juice extracting machines that are being widely used in the domestic market, this paper optimizes the structural design of the juicers by using the NX-based 3D-technology, depending on its speed reduction gear box design and parallel 6-roller operating method. The application of worm drive system changes the direction in which sugarcane is squeezed at the third stage, making sugarcane dry and shrunken after repeated squeezing from different directions, which is a guarantee for sugarcane entering into gaps between rollers. Meanwhile, the juice extraction rate is improved.

Ключові слова

NX; sugarcane juicer; new-type 6-roller; squeezing from different directions

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