Remote monitoring system of PH detection based on Si4432

Dong Rongwei


In order to improve the yield of aquaculture, there should be a guarantee of the normal water quality, and the pH value is the main reaction indicator of the water quality. Thus, a pH remote monitoring system used in aquaculture is proposed in this paper. The Si4432 RF module is adopted to design the pH acquisition node and terminal node, which can realize the remote transmission of the pH value of the monitoring point. At the same time, a communication scheme to achieve reliable data transmission is designed in this paper. Visual C++ is used to develop the monitoring software of the host computer to realize the storage and display of the pH value of all monitoring nodes. To ensure that the user deals with abnormal circumstances in time, the DTU module is used to realize SMS alarm about the abnormal monitoring point. The result shows that the relative error of pH detection is below 3.17 %, and the average packet loss rate is 3.4 %, which indicates that the designed remote monitoring system in this paper can realize the pH detection and has certain reliability and practicality.

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Si4432; pH value detection; remote monitoring

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