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№ 1 (2017) An adaptive mechanism of TFRC for streaming media service’s transmission in wireless network Анотація   PDF (English)
Zhang Xiao-wei
№ 2 (2017) Analysis of ship deformation under sailing Анотація   PDF (English)
Shan Xiuwen, Sun Lixiang, Pu Yi, Xu Chuncheng
№ 2 (2017) Analysis of the influence of power factor angle parameters on resonance in pure electric tractors Анотація   PDF (English)
Guojun Yan, Nengjun Ben, Jianhua Gu
№ 2 (2017) Automatic PID parameter tuning based on unfalsified control Анотація   PDF (English)
Yao Yueqin, Zhao Guoliang
№ 1 (2017) Design and analysis of doubly salient permanent magnet dual-mechanical port motor for offshore ships Анотація   PDF (English)
Yingxing Wang, Yuanyuan Li, Chunxiang Huang
№ 1 (2017) Design and modeling of a new type of the NX-based 6-roller sugarcane juicer Анотація   PDF (English)
Wang Chao
№ 2 (2017) Design and optimization of a novel RFID tag antenna Анотація   PDF (English)
Kong Yang
№ 2 (2017) Design of data acquisition system based on LabVIEW Анотація   PDF (English)
Jianhua Gu, Nengjun Ben, Guojun Yan
№ 2 (2017) Design of multi-parameter water quality detection system based on ATMEGA128 Анотація   PDF (English)
Yao Yueqin
№ 2 (2017) Design of TEDS of intelligent sensor based on IEEE1451.2 standard Анотація   PDF (English)
Chen Jie
№ 2 (2017) Design of the fuzzy methane concentration control system based on FPGA Анотація   PDF (English)
Yao Yueqin, Zhao Guoliang
№ 2 (2017) Dynamic data reconciliation based on robust estimation and particle filters Анотація   PDF (English)
Lili Wang, Chunxiang Huang, Wen Jing, Lixiang Sun
№ 2 (2017) General concept of the autonomous hydrogen fueling station based on photovoltaic and metal-hydride technologies for fuel cell electric vehicles Анотація   PDF (English)
Mykhaylo R. Tkach, Borys G. Tymoshevskyy, Yurii N. Halynkin, Arkadii Yu. Proskurin
№ 2 (2017) Heat pump fault diagnosis based on genetic BP neural network Анотація   PDF (English)
Chunxiang Huang, Hao Zheng, Yingxing Wang, Lili Wang
№ 2 (2017) Influence of the structure of high-temperature alloy castings on their crackability at welding and surfacing Анотація   PDF (English)
Mykhailo S. Samokhin
№ 1-2 (2016) Innovation strategies in shipbuilding: the shipbuilding cycle perspective Анотація   PDF (English)
Marina B. Solesvik
№ 1 (2017) Mechanical and tribological performance of TC4 alloy with surface plasma molybdenization Анотація   PDF (English)
Nengjun Ben, Pengfei Zhou, Guojun Yan, Wenping Liang
№ 1 (2017) Open innovation in maritime industry Анотація   PDF (English)
Marina B. Solesvik
№ 1 (2017) Optimization of control algorithm for BLDCM in the ship Анотація   PDF (English)
Sun Lixiang, Shan Xiuwen
№ 2 (2017) Optimization of the process of arc welding (surfacing) based on the new designed mechanism of pulse wire feeding Анотація   PDF (English)
Volodymyr O. Lebediev
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